Metrodom was one of the first companies to have realized that advancements in information technologies, which made telephones and then cars smart, would not leave new-build apartments unaffected either. Metrodom developed its smart home technology in 2016 and has continuously developed it since, so that our customers can move in to apartments equipped with the latest technologies, retaining state-of-the-art quality for a long time. Both the hardware and the software of our smart home system continuously develop, please read on for the main steps of the development process.

April 2023
New smart home association
The Hungarian Smart Home and Building Automation Association has been formed, of which Metrodom is not only a founding member, but our company's IT Director, Gábor Zalai, has also been elected to the board of the new association. From now on, we will work together with other real estate developers and IT companies, helping each other to ensure that comfortable, energy-saving smart home systems become standard equipment in as many new homes as possible, and that they are used by the residents with the greatest possible satisfaction.

September 2022
Without an opening sensor
As our latest generation Dual Eco heating/cooling system no longer requires an opening sensor in its control, due to the greater thermal inertia of surface heating (it is not worth turning off heating/cooling for the duration of airing), sensors will no longer be part of the standard system. However, it will still be possible to order them separately for individual needs.

February 2022
Direct function switch
Feedback from our customers, and the experience gained from using the systems handed over, clearly showed that most people used the control panel to set the temperature and to access some basic functions, such as turning off all the lights when they left home. Most people used their phone to change the system settings, rather than the control panel. As there is now a small display in each room to set the temperature and read the humidity, the role of the control panel has also been rethought. From next year, the control panel in its current form will be discontinued and its functions will be split into three parts, which our customers will find in the latest generation of Metrodom smart home systems. The video intercom will have its own display, making it easier to operate the intercom. The most commonly used commands (all lights down, all shutters down, all shutters up, I'm away from home) will be on separate direct switch buttons on a small panel similar to light switches, but with four separate touch buttons instead of the usual one. Everything else will be handled in the future by the smartphone, where we continue to work on enriching functionality.

September 2021
Smart shutter
Apartments in the Metrodom River residential park come not only shutter preparation, but also motorized aluminum smart-home integrated shutters. This enables the smart home system to actively contribute to more efficient cooling by automating shutter movement and shading the apartments in summer.

November 2019
Smart intercom
Metrodom’s smart-home system is expanded with video-intercom functionality, first in the Madarész38 complex and later in all other residential buildings (City Home L-M, Metrodom Őrmező, etc.). Incoming calls can now be received, visitors checked and admitted directly on the control panel, instead of the usual handset). 

May 2019
New control panel
The smart home system control panel has been upgraded. Not only has the hardware been updated but, thanks to the matte metal frame, the appearance has also become more sleek and elegant. If need be, the camera can now be easily deactivated on the hardware level with a single action, a reassuring new feature for those concerned about privacy.

April 2019
New open/close sensors
We change the open/close sensors in our smart homes, the new devices are supplied by Sensative. The most important advantage of the new sensor is that it is perfectly flat and mounted on the window reveal facing part of the window profile, making it essentially invisible. As another feature, there is no need to replace batteries in the sensor, the built-in batteries supply energy fr the entire 10-year lifespan of the device. The new sensors will debut in the buildings of City Home - Phase K, Metrodom Panoráma - Phase B, and Metrodom Park - Phase B.

March 2019
New smart switches
New smart light switches, specifically developed for Metrodom's smart home system will debut in all our buildings from Q3 2019 replacing the previosu models. The elegant, touch sensitive glass panels have remained, however matching window shutter switches can also be ordered thanks to the new model.

January 2019
Metrodom present at CES 2019 in Las Vegas
Metrodom’s IT team participated in the CES fair in Las Vegas so that we gain firsthand experience on the latest smart home devices, some of which will become operational in Metrodom’s apartments in the years to come.

August 2018
The first 129 apartments
13-15 Babér u. was handed over and our smart home system went live in the 129 apartments of the building.

August 2018
New accessories
Additional optional accessories, such as smart locks or baby cam, became available from our partner.

June 2018
New smart light switches
The lighting component was further improved, the smart relay mounted behind the traditional wall switches was replaced by touch sensitive, glass smart switches in all our apartments whose technical handover is scheduled to take place from 2019 onwards. 

December 2017
Our supplier is Zipato 
Based on the preliminary tests, Metrodom selected Zipato from Croatia to be its supplier of the central unit. The wall mounted touchscreen runs Metrodom’s custom Android operating system with added functionality specifically designed for Metrodom’s apartments.

September 2017
Smart home system on a separate booth
Metrodom’s smart home concept was first shown in a dedicated booth at the Portfolio property fair; the functions of the apartments were showcased via a live demonstration.

February 2017
Final functions
The functions of the smart home system were finalized, so were the individual components such as heating, lighting, open/close status of doors and windows, which would become standard services in all Metrodom apartments from 2018. These functions may be augmented with additional features, like smart shutters (13-15 Babér u.), or smoke detector (2-8 Berettyó u.).

March 2016
The development of the smart home system has begun
Metrodom announced that the development of its smart home system had begun so that all apartments handed over in 2018 and beyond would be equipped with Metrodom’s own smart home system. During the year to come, our IT team tested all the major smart home products currently on the market, thoroughly reviewed some 100 smart devices in order to implement an own, easy-to-use, flexible, expandable and reliable system.