Concluding of contracts

Please be aware that Metrodom continuously adopts the rules and regulations issued regarding the health situation, so we kindly request that you regularly check these pages to be informed of the ways and conditions applicable to our availability.

Due to the current health emergency and the restrictions of movement, we cannot be available to our customers in person, yet, contacting our sales agents, and even providing a comprehensive presentation, including surveying already constructed apartments even, via video call (Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime, Viber, Hangouts). Similarly, fully excluding personal contact, new sales contracts can be concluded, or existing ones modified using remote identification with the involvement of representatives of the Law Office and the sales agent.

We have elaborated the practice and procedures of remote identification in line with the applicable laws and the guidelines issued by the Hungarian Bar Association, and have summarized below:

1. In case of new contracts, you can select your property with the help of our sales agents, they provide information about the terms and conditions and the procedures of concluding of contracts. If you wish to modify an already existing (pre)sales contract, please contact our customer service department. 

2. Our colleague will request personal data required from you to conclude the contract. These are to be sent via email.

3. To conclude a contract, identification documents are required: ID card, residence card, tax card. Please take a photo of both sides of these documents, check if they are legible in the photo and send them to our sales and customer service colleagues in .jpg or .pdf format. Your data will be handled confidentially, in compliance with Metrodom’s data protection policies based on the principles of GDPR.

4. Once the details have been coordinated with you, the contract will be drafted by the Szabó, Kocsis és Társa Law Office. The law office shall send the draft contract to you directly in Word format for review and comments.

5. Once you have confirmed that the wording of the contract can be considered final, the representative of the Seller signs them in sufficient number of copies in the presence of the representative of the Law Office.

6. Contracts signed by us will be delivered in a closed pouch via courier service to the address you specified.

7. You will only have to sign the last pages of the copies and the enclosed annexes (layout plan, technical description), the courier service shall then take them over from you at a prearranged time.

8. Once the contracts have arrived back at Metrodom, the Law Office will contact you to conduct remote identification. For remote identification, you will have to have internet connection, a web camera and a microphone, and a) Skype application version or newer running on any operating system, or b) Skype for Business version 16.0.4795.1000 or newer running on any operating system.

9. The detailed description of steps required to conduct remote identification will be sent to you along with the draft contract. Identification takes about five minutes on average per person. The Law Office is required to make a recording of the procedure and keep the it so long as other data related to the conclusion of the contract are managed. 

10. Following remote identification, the representative of the law office signs the (pre)sales contract. The (pre)sales contract signed by all parties and countersigned by the lawyer will be sent via email to you in .pdf format. Signed originals copies, along with the annexes will be sent via regular mail to the address you specified.

11. Your obligation to pay the advance/down payment will become effective on the day when remote identification takes place and the payment must be made within three (3) working days.

12. If you would like to take mortgage to buy your property, you will need an original copy of the sales contract receipt stamped by the Land Registry. As personal customer service is currently unavailable at the Land Registry offices, obtaining of these documents takes at least 3-4 weeks, we therefore recommend that inquire with the Law Office about the time requirement before concluding the contract and also ascertain with your sales agent regarding the exact point in the loan procedure (reception of the claim, conclusion of the loan contract, disbursement of the loan) when the receipt stamped original copy becomes necessary.