Technical description

The City Home residential complex and all its buildings, and the residential blocks they contain, also stand out from run-of-the-mill new-build properties in terms of their technical specifications. When it came to selecting building materials, we set strict standards. Only the products and construction materials of recognized brands, manufactured in Europe, can go into our buildings, be they bricks, radiators, tap fittings or tiles. When handing over the properties we provide residents with the ÉMI quality control certificate for every product used on the construction, as proof that they really are moving into a first-class, high-quality home.

We take similar care to ensure the aesthetically pleasing design of common areas and apartments. The residents have a wide choice of claddings, wood flooring and interior doors. Our technical consultants are also on hand to accommodate special requests, from underfloor heating to air conditioning or hydro massage bathtubs. Shutters and mosquito nets are available from Y-Bau Kft., our supplier of windows. For further information, please refer to their website.

Buildings already completed serve as an excellent reference with regard to style and quality, and in the yet unoccupied apartments or in our sample apartment, prospective buyers have the opportunity to take a close look at the claddings, sanitary fittings, doors and windows.

At Metrodom, protection of the environment and sustainability are treated as a priority, which is why these buildings are also constructed allowing for selective waste collection, as well as energy and water economy (for example through the use of special toilet cisterns). We also guarantee an ’CC – state-of-the-art’ energy rating for phases H-M.

In all of the buildings in the residential park the heating and hot water systems employ modern condensing boilers with low-temperature heating water. Furthermore, Buildings L and M have been equipped with the Dual Eco, the newest heating system, for further information please click here. The temperature of each apartment is individually controlled (every radiator is fitted with an automatic thermostatic valve), and the individual heat and hot water consumption meters ensure that everyone only pays for their own consumption. All consumption meters for the apartments are located in the hall outside, saving on space inside the apartment, and enabling them to be read without disturbing the residents.

From Phase G onwards, all buildings have been equipped with Metrodom’s smart home system, which controls heating and lighting with the help of open/close and motion sensors. You can read more on the system here. We equip the buildings with state-of-the-art telecommunication networks that satisfy all requirements, offering bandwidth of up to 120/10 Mbps via optical cable in the common areas and via CAT5 wiring in the apartments. We haven't skimped on television, telephone and computer network sockets, which you will find in all the main rooms; and we haven't forgotten to put power sockets next to them either.

Common areas have been designed and constructed with just as much care and attention as apartments have. A charming internal garden has been built with walking paths, benches and a little pond. Additional facilities like the baby playroom, club room and a small gym also serve residents’ convenience. Besides 210 sqm of PCW vinyl covered terrace system, 125 sqm of green roof is also planted to separate the individual terraces. The green cover primarily consists of various species of shrub, but a sizable tree will also be planted on the terraces. Visuals of the rooftop terrace can be found in a dedicated photo gallery, on this page.

In the City Home residential complex, we don't just devote attention to the building and apartments, but also to the surrounding areas. The new streets and pavements under construction will receive ornamental paving, the parking spaces are separated with green islands, and alongside the roads we are planting avenues of trees and installing modern streetlights and benches. In the space enclosed by Mester u. 83/C and Nádasdy u. 14., as shown a fenced-off private park and playground, owned by the residential park and for the exclusive use of residents, have been constructed.