Park and playground

The park and the playground at City Home will be formed between 14 and 16 Nádasdy utca, in the center of the residential complex and will be handed over concurrently with Building G in November 2016. The 1,700 sqm greenery is straddled by Buildings C, E, G and Nádasdy utca, and Building L, which be completed later on.

The playground

City Home private playground will be of very high standard, just like the residential complex itself, made of high quality materials, providing high level of aesthetics and compliant with EU regulations. A detailed description of the playground will be provided below.

Fence and gates

The playground will be encircled by a 150 cm high fence to prevent unauthorized persons and pets from entering. The fence however will not look like a wall and will not isolate the area of the playground. In addition to the service gate for gardening vehicles, two entrance gates will be provided to ensure direct access from every building. Gates can be opened using the same proxy cards as the ones used to access the stairwells thus ensuring that only City Home residents can use the playground. The playground will be closed for the night for security reasons, the security personnel of the buildings will guard the area using surveillance cameras.

Playground equipment

Different playground equipment will be offered according to age group, a separate area will be assigned to 1-4 year olds, and another one for 4-8 year olds. A sandpit, swings, slides will be available at both places (different sizes of course), smaller ones can also play with playground spring equipment, bigger children with a playground castle, seesaw and a springboard. The equipment will be designed according to uniform style and will be primarily made of wood.

Soccer field

Bigger children can enjoy a soccer field specifically designed to meet their needs, the field will be encircled by a ball stopping fence. The field, just like “big football fields”” will be covered with durable and visually appealing artificial turf.


Footpaths will be paved with footpath tiles, the safety area around the toys, in size compliant with applicable regulations, will be covered with poured rubber. Not only does poured rubber give protection from injuries, but unlike rubber tiles, which come off after a few years of use, it is also durable.

Recreational area, amenities

Benches in the playground abound, sunshades have been installed to provide shade and sufficient canopy growth. A separate garden pavilion is also in the making, where smaller garden parties can be held. We have also taken care to place sufficient number of garbage bins and a drinking fountain for kids to play with mud.

Plant cover

Plants are the most important decorative elements of a park and in the case of City Home, we have placed special importance on greenery. We have planted a total of 75 plant species to ensure a great diversity of plant cover and that the park will be beautiful in every season.

We have plated a total of 47 trees representing 18 different species so that in a few years’ time one can enjoy the shade while sitting on the benches in the summer. Over 1100 specimens of various different perennial plants and shrubbery will be planted in the park and we have not forgotten about the lawn either. Watering is provided by an automatic irrigation system, and to reduce utility costs, water is supplied from a dug well.