Technical description

Just like other Metrodom projects, Berettyó 2-8. features a clear-cut design, the use of high quality building materials and intricate details.

Berettyó 2-8.has five separate stairwells with six-floor buildings in each and form three separate blocks. The 24 hour concierge service will be place in Block B and C. Thanks to the sectioned facade structure, apartment bearings are exceptional and the layout design selection is diverse. Buildings have been designed in a way that corridors will receive natural lights and ventilation through the windows. Most of the ground-floor apartments will have a private garden. As the parking garage has been placed on the basement level, no cars will be parked in the courtyard or on the ground level areas of the complex therefore the entirety of the surface area will serve residents’ recreational needs. Besides the private gardens adjacent to ground-floor apartments, a playground will also be built for the residents. The trees of the primeval garden have been preserved thus there is no need to wait years for plants to grow and a pleasant shade to form under the trees. An automated irrigation system will help retain the greenery of the garden.

Condensation boilers provide heating and hot water supply in the apartments. These, complemented by high quality doors and windows and thermal insulation guarantee ’CC – state-of-the-art’ energy certification. Consumption meters for all utilities will be placed in the common areas and can be read without disturbing residents or when they are not at home.

The apartments conform to Metrodom’s stringent quality standards. Metrodom’s proprietary smarthome system comes as standard in this residential complex just as well and allows residents to supervise and control the entire heating system, security is provided by motion and light sensors and smoke detectors and electricity consumption can be controlled by smart sockets. If residents demand, the system can be expanded without limitation. The built-in shutter boxes are equipped with electrical connectors for optional smart shades (for more information on the system, please click here)
Building materials correspond to the standards of the building, for more information on the available materials please refer to the 'Style and materials’ menu of our website. The porcelain sanitary fixtures in the bathrooms are provided by German premium manufacturers, so are the taps. Detailed information on these can be found in the technical descriptions downloadable from the box on the left side of the page. Weekly news updates here and photos in the image gallery will help keep track of the construction process.