Basic function

Our apartments come with a smart home system as standard. The system works according to pre-set settings. We have configured the presets to provide basic functions that most people want. Presets or the programs can be modified at will, new devices, programs can be added to the system later. Our customers receive a user manual at the time of handover and can apply modifications and settings as per their needs. Both the user manual and the system is entirely in Hungarian, however the language can be changed to English for foreign users (tenants). For those who do not want to be concerned with settings and configurations can turn to the customer service and the technicians of the company installing the smart home systems, and have the necessary modifications applied in their homes for an extra fee.

The system consists of the following basic functions:

Economical airing (ventilation)
If a window or balcony door is opened for airing during the heating season, the radiators turn off for the time of airing so that they do not heat the outside air. Similarly, the system can be configured to operate air conditioning according to the same precept.

At home
When you get home the system automatically turns on the lights in the ante-room and raises the temperature, lowered while you are away, to 22 degrees. If smart shutters are installed, they are lowered while you are away and are raised in case you get home one hour after sunrise or later, or one hour before sunset or earlier. If you get home later, the lights in the living room are switched on.

When leaving the apartment, you can signal to the smart home that no one is at home by pressing the button on the control panel. In this case, the system automatically turns off the lights, if they were left on, lowers the temperature to 20 degrees and, if installed, lowers the smart blinds preventing the home from cooling down or warming up. If needed, the switching off of smart devices installed later, or temporarily cutting power supply to the smart sockets, can be linked with this function.

Instead of the AWAY button, press the VACATION button on the control panel if you leave your home for a longer period of several days. The system will turn off everything the way described above, however the temperature will be lowered to 15 degrees. If you want a warm apartment to await you when you get home from a ski trip, using your smartphone, you can inform the system of your upcoming arrival already when crossing the border, and request that heating turn on.

By pressing the NIGHT button on the control panel, the smart home system lowers the temperature to 20 degrees and, if smart blinds are installed, it lowers them too, the system switches off the lights if they were left on and at the same time switches the lights on in the bedroom (in case of several bedrooms, the parents’ bedroom) so that you will not have to go back to the room in darkness. If needed the night mode can be fully automated, starting it for example at 11 pm every night.

The opposite of the previous program. Activating the mode on the control panel causes the system to raise the blinds and set the temperature of the apartment to 22 degrees. This mode can also be automated if needed and the activation be set to, say 6:30 am on weekdays and 9 am on weekends.