Technical description

Metrodom Babér street 13-15 stands out from run-of-the-mill new apartment blocks by its appearance alone, which it owes to the modern fiber cement cladding that covers the outside of the building’s facade. And the dynamic, exciting exterior conceals flats that exude quality down to the very last detail and are being built from premium materials, which we primarily recommend for those of our customers who are looking for quality in a new home.


One of the most visually striking solutions is construction of intensive green roofs atop the building wings, which are staggered in height. Each of these 30-40 m2 roof gardens adjoins a flat, and all the residents will be able to use the internal, enclosed ornamental garden for relaxation and leisure. The common areas are also out of the ordinary. The street-facing and internal facades are linked by a single, stunning lobby with a 7-metre ceiling, which is made unique by the huge glass portals, the first-floor walkway that spans the space as a suspension bridge, and the combination of colours and materials concocted by the interior designer. The concierge service is also located in the lobby, and it is from here that the garden and the two stairwells can be accessed. Each stairwell has a pair of lifts, and one lift in each of these pairs has an extended cabin and a 1-tonne capacity, which makes it easier to move furniture and get around with a baby stroller. The heat and hot water supply to the flats is taken care of by economical condensing boilers, and it is partly due to this, and to the high quality windows and doors and heat insulation, that the building is guaranteed to have a “CC - Modern” energy performance certificate. All the meters used to measure consumption in the flats are situated in common areas, so they can be read without disturbing the occupants, or even in their absence.

The flats are far better equipped than average. Metrodom Babér street 13-15 is the first development in which the flats will come fitted with a smart home system, which makes it possible to monitor and control the heating (and optionally the cooling) of the homes, and also includes a smoke detector, smart plug sockets, and a heat, light and movement detector, among others. In addition to the basic system, the flats in Babér street will also come with air-conditioning preparation, in-wall concealed shutter housings and complete shutters. The high quality, aluminium shutters are moved by motors that can be operated manually or by remote control, and are naturally also integrated with our smart home system, so the opening and closing of the shutters can be programmed on the basis of your lifestyle or the time of day, or lighting conditions.

The quality of sanitary fittings installed inside the apartments comply with the high standards of the building. Porcelain fittings are provided by German premium manufacturer Villeroy and Boch, while the taps are made by Hansgrohe. Additional information is available in the technical descriptions.


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