Augmented reality

Imagining the building, the entire residential complex is one of the toughest things before making a decision to purchase an apartment. The visualizations, the video showcasing the building do give an impression, yet they are not always helpful in answering specific questions. What will the distance be between the buildings, not necessarily in meters but also how much will they feel? What is the position of my window relative to the street, where exactly will my balcony be located? Where will the different buildings and the playground be constructed within the plot? Metrodom’s smartphone application, downloadable (see the left side of the page) for both Android and iOS smartphones, will give the answers to these and many other questions.

If you visit the construction site, you can see the building not yet built in its real surroundings, in real size and dimensions on the screen of your smartphone. You can go around the plot and the building, take a look at the garden, see where entrances and parking lot gates will be located, how far the individual buildings will be from the street. (buildings to be handed over after 2020 are included in the app, like City Home phases L-M, Madarász38). Want to see the buildings in 3D when you are not there at the construction site? You can even put them on a desk or the floor if you wish. Using the camera and the screen, augmented reality enables you to have a bird’s eye view of the buildings, from above or from a lateral angle, at a short range or from far away.

Viewing the apartments on the screen in three dimensions is just as simple. Rotate and magnify the apartments as you wish. An apartment finder, similar to the one on our website will help you select your property. The most important images and videos pertaining to the building, including live camera footages, are also available so that you can share all essential information regarding the building and the apartment you have chosen.