Technical description

The building located at Ambrus Street 3-5. also fits into the high standard of the neighborhood. Just like our other buildings the Ambrus street 3-5 stands out from other newly constructed houses. With regards to the materials used in the construction, we have set very high standards. Only products and building materials of well known European brands were used, be that bricks, radiators, taps or tiles. At the time of handing over the apartment the new owners will also receive the certificates of the built in materials, thus proving that they are really moving into a first rate, top quality apartment.
We have been just as careful to make the design of the building, the common spaces and the apartments appealing to everyone and the owners will have a wide range of revetments, floorboards and internal doors to choose from. Our technical councilor is at your service to assist with the implementation of any tailor made solution, be that floor-heating, air-conditioning or a hydro-massage bath.
Modern central furnaces will provide low energy consumption heating and hot water in the house. At the same time everyone will be able to control the heating in their own apartments (all of the radiators have been equipped with a thermostat valve) according to their personal needs and you will only have to pay for your own consumption due to the individual thermo- and warm water-meters. All of the meters are located in the external corridors thus they don’t take up place in the apartment and standings may be read without disturbing the residents.

The house is equipped with a full telecommunication network; the common spaces have optical cables whereas inside the apartments the CAT-5 and coax cables enable a 120/10 Mbps bandwidth. We didn’t hold back on the television, phone and computer sockets either, these can be found in all of the rooms with electric sockets alongside them.

A separate section of the ground-floor indoor parking area serves for bicycle storage. Between and behind the two buildings, in the enclosed and protected garden there for the exclusive use of the residents, we are developing a picnic area and playground with various items of playground equipment and outdoor furniture, with the water supply for the ornamental plants provided by an automatic sprinkler system.