The building

Not far from Béke Square, one of the most popular areas in District XIII, Metrodom's sixth residential project will soon be ready to welcome new residents. The new development is situated at Ambrus utca 3-5, right alongside a number of other buildings that have gone up in recent years, and is just 50 metres away from another Metrodom development at Szent László út 41-43, which also serves as an excellent reference project. The site actually consists of two independent buildings (Ambrus utca 3-5.), each with separate entrances and staircases, which are nevertheless legally integrated, thus making up a single condominium apartment complex. The two buildings share a common landscaped garden area and indoor garage. 

Both buildings have five floors, with one elevator for each staircase. There are 116 apartments at the Ambrus utca 3-5 address, with no more than 11 apartments on any floor. Some of the ground-floor apartments have their own gardens, while the majority of the fifth-floor apartments possess a roof garden in addition to a terrace. The indoor garages for cars and bicycles are situated on the basement level and on the ground floor, and we have also fitted out storage areas, available for purchase as needed, on the upstairs levels in the direct vicinity of those apartments.
In addition to the private gardens, the two buildings also share a beautifully landscaped and protected inner garden area, which includes a playground designed to please young children between the ages of two and six with a sandbox, climbing frame with slide, seesaws and swings, while their parents can watch from benches fitted with shade-providing awnings. For the entire family, and also for small-scale adult gatherings, we have also fitted out a sheltered picnic area.

Each apartment is guaranteed an "CC - Energy Efficient" class energy performance certificate. In constructing the building, we have used natural materials and traditional fired ceramic and sandstone bricks, and we have also laid out the premises for the garbage containers with enough space to accommodate waste containers for PET packing materials and paper recyclables, in addition to those for regular household waste.