The housing development

Only 20 kilometres from the western boundary of Budapest, you will find an orderly and prosperous community of 6,900 residents, predominantly ethnic Swabian Germans. Páty, where Metrodom is building its 100-family "Kertváros" housing development, has over the past 20 years become one of the most popular communities in the Buda region, with many other newly built single-family houses and condominium apartment building close by. Don't be fooled by all the development and renewal going on, though. An intense focus on intelligent community planning has kept this village quiet and friendly: a place to live in, not just sleep.

Metrodom's Kertváros housing development project will result in 100 single-family houses being built on their own plots on a total of approximately ten hectares of land, with public utilities and lighting installed, along with vehicle and pedestrian access. We've planned this suburban community on the American model, with convenient single-storey houses that conform to a single visual style even while varying in size and layout, lending harmony and uniformity to this suburban community, but not monotonous.

We're developing the houses in various (living room +3 or 4 bedrooms) sizes in order to make them comfortable, spacious and convenient. In addition to the bedrooms and open kitchens (which can be sealed off as a separate area, if desired), we are fitting out each of the houses with two bathrooms, a separate WC, as well as other premises for storage and housekeeping. We are also providing each house with a paved driveway adequate for two cars, although garages can also be built by request. Our clients can choose a wide range of other fixtures and equipment from our price list, or can refer to the Technical Description section for more information.