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Sales to begin on Monday

Sales to begin on Monday 2019. 06. 14.

Construction has already commenced, the apartments will become available on our website on Monday, June 17 at 12 noon. Browse among the apartments, prices and layout plans in the apartment selector or the floor plan based selector. The apartments will become available for reservation in two weeks time.

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The new smart home control panel has arrived 2019. 05. 21.

Metrodom makes continuous efforts to always keep its smart home system up to date. Recently, we have announced our new smart switches. And now the new control panel has arrived debuting in Metrodom Panoráma A, Metrodom Park B and City Home X. The most striking of the design update is the elegant metal frame, the hardware, however, has also been upgraded. If need be, the camera can be deactivated also on the hardware level, a reassuring new feature for those concerned about privacy.

Augmented reality with Metrodom's app 2019. 04. 22.

Download Metrodom's new app, enjoy stunning augmented reality at the construction sites and see our buildings not yet built in their real environment. You can also see in 3D the buildings and all available apartments at home, on the screen of your smartphone. Details of the additional features of the app will soon be highlighted on our website here, if you want to download it, please click here

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