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Parking slot for free with family size apartments

Parking slot for free with family size apartments 2020. 02. 17.

All property units have been sold in the first two phases of the Metrodom Park complex. For those who have been considering buying, there is no point in waiting any further. Parking slots are now given for free with the last three- and four bedroom apartments, as long as supply lasts.

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Apartments being constructed can be visited 2020. 02. 12.

As the cranes have been dismantled, interested partners can now enter the building accompanied by our property advisors. Since entrance doors of the apartments are now closed, only as of yet unsold apartments can be visited. If you are interested in seeing one our apartments, please coordinate a date and time with your property advisor, who will be happy to provide you with further information and the conditions of visiting.

Merry Christmas 2019. 12. 16.

Metrodom closes its gates for 2019 on December 20. The last day when contracts can still be signed is December 19. We wish happy and relaxing holidays to all our clients and partners and welcome you all from January 6.

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