Technical description

Metrodom Zugló is the first of our residential complexes to feature premium technical solutions and services making it stand out from among not only our selection, but also from the offerings of our competitors in Zugló. Resident will find two, equally important features in one place: excellent location and transportation and the unique living environment of Zugló, for further information, please click here. 195 apartments have been designed in four stairwells in four and five-story buildings erected on a 6,000 sqm plot. The parking garage and the storages are to be found underneath the building, on the basement level, they will be accessible from the stairwell and also by the elevators. To charge electric vehicles, customers can optionally buy key-lockable power outlet with individual consumption metering for their parking slots for a HUF 500,000 surcharge. For further information, please visit this page. The driveway to the parking area is accessible from Bosnyák utca. There will be no surface traffic or parking whatsoever inside the plot. German made, eight-person ‘Kone’ elevators will be placed in each of the stairwells.

The complex will be built using traditional technologies and materials. Facade and interior walls will be constructed from burned ceramic bricks, sound proofing separation walls from calcium silicate blocks. These will be complemented with state-of-the-art thermal insulation and plastic-profile windows that come with power-shutter preparation (power outlet for the driving motor and smart switches). High quality finish inside the apartments is also ensured by fittings of outstanding quality, such as German made Villeroy&Boch sanitary-ware and Hangsrohe taps, or the acrylic tubs and shower trays in the bathrooms. Metrodom’s own, touch-sensitive light and shutter switches are not only smart but they are also spectacular, tactfully showing on/off status with their color. The wall mounted touchpad or smartphone/PC operated smart home system is composed of the smart switches complemented with open/close sensors on the windows and doors and the heating/cooling control mechanism. A video-intercom has also been added to the system. For more information on Metrodom’s smart-home solutions, please click here.

Metrodom Zugló will feature our proprietary Dual Eco heating/cooling system, which, together with the different elements of thermal insulation guarantee ‘BB – near zero energy consumption’ energy rating. The system allows for both heating and cooling, controlling temperature in each room individually and metering heat per apartment. Heating is as comfortable as possible; ceiling surface heating is provided in the rooms and the bathroom so no radiators will stand in the way. Ceiling cooling provides comfort in the apartments during hot summer months, cooling air comfortably without direct airflow. For further information on the structure and operation of the Dual Eco system, please refer to this page.

The loveliest detail in the Metrodom Zugló complex will be the two internal decorative gardens connected to each other with arcades. Inward oriented apartments will overlook these gardens. The internal gardens will only serve decorative purposes, unlike the external garden surrounding the buildings, where a playground and a BBQ fireplace will also be installed. A versatile green cover has been meticulously designed by landscape architects for the common garden, an automated irrigation system ensures proper watering.

The detailed technical description of the residential complex, along with other documents can be downloaded from this page.