Commuity services

One of the features distinguishing Metrodom Zugló from other residential complexes of the neighborhood is the wide selection of services. Above all, security is guaranteed at the highest level, the entire area of the residential complex will be surrounded with a fence and covered by a surveillance camera system and 24/7 concierge service.

For those buying property in Zugló, a green environment is of primary importance. The residents of Metrodom Zugló can take pride in the beautiful, decorative gardens - primarily serving leisure and relaxation - nestling in a quiet and tranquil area surrounded by the buildings. The two internal gardens will be connected with a passage, where a covered bicycle storage will also be constructed. A playground for the small ones will be built in the external garden surrounding the buildings on the outside perimeter, a fireplace and BBQ have been also designed nearby. While parents cook, the children can play, and the cauldron party can be a real family event.

The 62-sqm community room located in Stairway A will serve the convenience of families. A fully furnished club room will be available for adult residents, where they can watch sports games together, chitchat or play boardgames, while the small ones can entertain themselves in the adjacent playroom.