The residential complex

Not only is Metrodom River special within our own selection of residential complexes, but it also is unique among new-build condominiums in Hungary in general. Its special location, the applied architectural solutions and the scope of services it offers make Metrodom River a truly unique and genuinely premium residential complex.


The plot in District 11 at Budafoki út 64 extends all the way to the Danube bank, to the promenade to be built there, which, unlike many other residential parks advertised as waterfront, creates a direct connection with the river. The residential park evokes the Danube and the water in several forms, you can read more about them here.

On the huge, 3-hectare plot in a fully landscaped garden, in 6 residential buildings a total of 712 apartments will be built in five phases. In addition, a small office building will be built on Budafoki út, on the border of the residential park, which also serves as the reception building of the residential park with its ground floor. Furthermore, the Telenor Building standing right next to it isolates Metrodom River from the traffic of Budafoki út.

The residential park is surrounded on all sides by a fence, the closed park can only be accessed or left from Budafoki út next to the reception building and through the personal entrance gate opening to the Danube promenade. The surface, the landscaped inner garden is reserved for pedestrians and plants, cars are not allowed to enter, not even for a short stop. The garages under the individual buildings, the road network leading to and connecting them are routed underground, you can read more about this and the advantages of the solution here.

The design and appearance of the buildings and the apartments are especially unique and characteristic, and we took several aspects into account during the design process. You can read more about the buildings and apartment design process on this page.

The technical implementation of Metrodom River is also worthy of its upscale appearance. Offering the luxury of  ceiling heating and cooling, Dual Eco, the heating system developed by Metrodom is not only convenient, environmentally friendly, but also very energy efficient. With the help of Metrodom's smart home system, cooling and heating can be controlled, and we have also integrated the video intercom here. You can find the technical content of the residential park, the detailed description, on this page.

In addition to the special buildings, the beautiful park, the Danube bank, its services also set the Metrodom River apart from other new-build condominiums. Within the residential park, a private nursery, a small kindergarten maintained by the municipality, a multi-age playground and a playhouse await families with children. Those looking to work out can enjoy the fitness room equipped with various machines, outdoor exercise machines, saunas and a communal boathouse. In addition, the reception building has a bakery and a café, and within the residential park there is a playroom, a coworking office, a fireplace and a barbecue terrace, as well as a panoramic rooftop terrace in each residential building. Details on exclusive services can be found here.