Technical description

Technical solutions and services make Metrodom Őrmező, our first residential complex in District 11 stand out not only from among our condominiums but also from the offers of our competitors. Residents will find two equally important features here: excellent location and transportation, and a quiet, relaxed suburban environment, for further information, please visit this page. 193 apartment units will be constructed in seven, independent four-story buildings (A-G). Two big common underground parking garages will be constructed underneath the buildings. The entrance to the parking garage under building A and B can be accessed from Mikes Kelemen utca, while the driveway to the one under buildings C-G, from Őrmezei út. No surface traffic will be allowed within the plot. German made Kone elevators fitting the size of the building and the number of apartments will be constructed, even the smallest of them will have a capacity of eight persons.

The buildings will be constructed from traditional building materials and using traditional building techniques. Facade walls and interior walls within the apartments will be built from burnt ceramic bricks, separation walls providing sound-proofing from calcium silicate blocks. This will be complemented with modern thermal insulation and the plastic-profile windows coming with built-in shutter box and electricity preparation for power shutters. German Villeroy&Boch sanitary-ware and Hansgrohe taps, acrylic bathtubs and shower trays all guarantee outstanding quality of finish within the apartments. Not only smart but also spectacular are Metrodom’s proprietary, touch-sensitive light switches, which can be complemented with additional switches for the power-driven shutters. The comprehensive smart-home system consists of the open/close sensors on windows and doors and heating/cooling control. The system can be controlled remotely from a smartphone or a PC and, in Metrodom Őrmező, it also contains an integrated camera-intercom. For more details on Metrodom’s advanced smart-home system, please refer to this page on our website.

Dual Eco Plus, the further improved version of the particularly effective Dual Eco heating system, combined with the elements of the thermal insulation system guarantee ’BB – near zero energy consumption’ energy rating. The system provides not only heating but also cooling of the apartments and obviously, allows for individual regulation in the rooms and heat metering in the apartments. Heating is provided in the most convenient way possible, ceiling-heating is available in the rooms and in the bathroom. Apart from the towel rail heaters, no radiators will stand in the way anywhere inside the apartment. During the days of summer heat ceiling-cooling will be employed to achieve comfortable temperature without direct air-blow. For further information about the construction and operations of the Dual Eco Plus system, please refer to this page.

Undoubtedly, the most spectacular part of Metrodom Őrmező is the protected internal garden surrounded by fence on all sides. Besides the fence, a fully configured surveillance camera system monitoring each of the entrances and 24/7 guarding provide additional security.

The garden is divided into three levels with stairs running from Mikes Kelemen utca on the top down to Őrmezei utca on the bottom. Landscaping of the entire garden is planned according to a single concept, keeping the valuable trees of the plot. The park will not be fragmented by fences, gardens next to ground-floor apartments will be separated by live hedgerows, thus ensuring privacy for ground-floor residents keeping the uniform visual appearance of the garden. The recreational park enclosed by the surrounding buildings and therefore invisible to passersby is a genuine specialty of the complex. The 119 cm-deep perimeter-overflow pool with a surface area of 85 sqm will also be available for adults and bigger children, the water will be tempered by the waste heat of the Dual Eco Plus heating system. A tiled sun terrace and adjacent to it a playground will also be constructed around the swimming pool. Besides the leisure park, hiding under a green roof, a fully equipped club house provides opportunities not only to socialize but adjoining to it, a playing corner for the children, a gym and a sauna as well. Just like the clubhouse, the gym will be handed over turn-key and fully equipped. The following equipment is planned for installation: 2 treadmills, one traditional ergometer (stationary bicycle) and one with a back-rest, an indoor rower, and upper-body and lower-body trainer. Additionally, weight lifting bench with a weigh-set, wall-bars with Cross Fit resistance band-set, mattresses, fitness ropes and balls and massage roller will also be available. The changing room next to the sauna has not been left out either, so those wanting to exercise will be provided with all the conveniences.