Technical description

Metrodom Madarász38 is Metrodom’s seventh residential complex in the district and it stands out from among similar condominiums. Residents will find two equally important and sought-after features in one place: excellent location and transport, and a quiet, greenbelt environment. Five separate stairwells will be constructed in the two buildings (A and B) erected on the 11.521 sqm plot, with 291 apartment units altogether. This arrangement will allow the construction of 3-9 apartments per floor creating independent residential communities of a family atmosphere in each of the stairways.

Just like all the other residential complexes developed by Metrodom, Metrodom Madarász 38 exhibits a characteristic look. The sleek, modern facade, contrasty colors and stone tiles lend the complex a unique appearance, making the buildings a dominant structure in the neighborhood. Apartments come in different sizes (from studio to penthouse), orientations and view. If interested in the technical details, download the building permit and the technical description from here. Metrodom Madarász38 will surely appeal to families, the playground will boast an entire slide park besides the standard playground equipment and benches. There will be space for the small ones to ride their bikes and run around, while adults can enjoy sitting under the water roof covered resting corner. Storage for baby strollers will also be available for families, and of course no one will have to climb stairs.

As for recreation, the complex will offer an exclusive gym with sauna on the ground floor of Building B, only available to residents. An underground parking lot will also be constructed in the basement, a smaller one also in Building A, while security will be provided, if residents decide so, by the concierge service in Building B. Unparalleled comfort will be provided by Metrodom’s smart home system, which can be expanded at will by adding smart blinds, smart locks or air conditioners to it. For more information on our smart home system, please refer to our website here.