The building

Metrodom Rozsnyay 33. offers you a quiet suburban environment, 10 minutes walk from the Metro, in one of Budapest's most popular districts. In this solid, 4 storey building with an elevator, you will find 31 apartments.  Those who do not like large condominiums, sometimes with hundreds of apartments, will appreciate Metrodom's Rozsnyay 33, which provides an ideal setting for families and couples alike, in the XIII district.

The building has different sized apartments, with various floor plans that you can choose from. We'd like to spotlight the ground floor homes which have their own garden as well as the roof top  apartments, which provide a unique atmosphere with a ceiling height of 320 centimetres, rarely found in newly-built homes.

The garage located in the basement level offers advanced security level as it is accessible only via the car lift. Parking places are available for the flats separately.

We offer Metrodom's Rozsnyay 33. to those people who seek a particularly high quality building, apartment and residents, where they will find the ideal safe environment for their family, without being cut off from the city and without having to waste hours on traveling to work or school.