We build homes.

Only three words, yet meaning so many different things. Task? Work? Business? Yes, all of these. However, for us it is a lot more, a way lot more.
The process begins with the selection of the building plot. We check the area not only on Street View but in the field, many times and by many of our colleagues. We take walks and discover the neighborhood, during the day, in the evening, at night and on weekends and see the buildings and the streets in the area. We ask ourselves the question: would we want to live here, establish a family and raise children? What about public transportation, where is the nearest kindergarten or school located? Who will live here?
Following this the planning phase begins and the planning process and all the explanations and requests towards the architects. “No, no, do not just design a dime a dozen building ubiquitous all around the city. This one should be different, should catch the eye and should offer more. Do you understand?” We want a building where residents take pleasure in coming home and pride in living there; and a home residents love. It is not only stones we want, we want garden, greenery planted wherever possible, even on the roof or the façade walls.
Then, as we progress we get lost in the details and drive the architects crazy. “No, this is not good this way, residents should not be made do runarounds to dispose of garbage or check mailboxes. No, we do not want compact bathtubs or showers; you do not want to bump your shoulder against the wall while taking a bath or shower, do you? Move that radiator 20 centimeters further making room for another cabinet. Why can we only fit a two-person table over there? Where will the TV set be placed? All right, let us start over.”
Once we have wrecked an entire architecture company we are set to present the world what we have designed, set the date when sales begin and wait in excitement. We are no short of faith in ourselves and our expertise, yet, a certain degree of uncertainty is always there. Will people like what we have come up with? When they do, we share a happy and proud smile. Work intensifies, property advisors, customer care staff, accountants, lawyers, technical consultants all work hard to make sure everything runs smoothly and our clients, who choose us are as much satisfied as possible.
In the meantime, permits are acquired and construction can finally commence. Surveillance cameras are placed at construction sites, we oversee constructions and continuously receive information from the workers. We rapidly share information with our clients, we are aware they are curious too, their apartments are being made after all. We select and analyze building materials and products according to what our customers liked or disliked the last time, what was important for them and what was not. There are of course budget limitations, yet we want the best and most appealing and we argue, vote and finally decide. We must go on.
As the building grows and handover approaches workers on the construction site become ever more tense, they know the most prominent critic, the customer will pass a judgement on their work. And of course, there come the surprises, those who have already built for themselves perfectly know that there is no such thing as everything going precisely, according to the plan and the papers. We however prevail, things are to be sorted out come hell or high water, nothing but excellent is acceptable. Many of us cannot sleep anymore in the last weeks, and even when we can, we dream about work and the building. We tour the building and the apartments again and again, we compile documents, send out letters, put keys into carefully selected fabric pouches, coordinate dates, and wait. We wait to finally hand over the product of two years of hard work, the apartments to the owners.
We calm down in the end as the last keys leave us and the last invoices, registration documents are put in envelopes and the building becomes part of our growing list of references. Those with guarantee issues grunt a bit about things that could have been done better and they are right of course, there is always room for improvement. Then after one, two or five years when we happen to have some task to attend to in the area and we take a look at the buildings, see the evening lights in the windows and the trees that have grown and overhear the dispatcher’s orders to “our” houses during taxi rides, then we realize, we do not build apartments.
We create homes