Metrodom River special offer

Premium homes now with a free car park!

Metrodom River is a premium residential complex in the 11th district, in the immediate vicinity of the Danube. Metrodom River is unique not only in our company's offer, but also in the entire range of new-build condominiums in Hungary. Its special location, the architectural solutions used and the services offered within the residential complex make Metrodom River a truly unique and premium residential complex.

Within the residential complex, there is a family day nursery, a municipal nursery, a baby playroom and a multi-age traditional and water playground for children and families with children. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy a fitness room with a variety of equipment, outdoor exercise machines, saunas and a community boathouse. There is also a bakery and a café in the reception building, a games room, a fire pit and a barbecue area within the residential complex, and a panoramic roof terrace for each residential building, all connected by a huge car-free inner park.

In addition to community services, high energy efficiency and a smart home system ensure that everyone can find their dream home among the apartments.

And with our special offer, this dream can be even more attractive, because if you buy a home in Metrodom River now, you will receive a parking space. *

Buy the home of your dreams in one of the fastest developing areas of the 11th district, in the Metrodom River residential park!


* The promotion does not constitute an offer, please contact our staff for details. The promotion is valid until withdrawn.