Metrodom Guarantee+

Metrodom Guarantee+ is an extended guarantee service whereby our company offers services beyond obligatory guarantee services prescribed by the law.
Benefits provided by Metrodom Guarantee plus are available to customers purchasing property in a project whose construction commences before December 31, 2019. Metrodom Guarantee+ provides protection for the apartments and moveable property inside the apartments but does not cover the storage (and goods stored there) parking bays, or vehicles parked in the parking garage or in common areas. Services of Metrodom Guarantee+ are available to those living in the apartment, i.e. not only the owners but also tenants and their family members.

Metrodom Guarantee+ provides protection up until the expiration date of the three-year general guarantee period, the concrete date is indicated on the guarantee card received upon handover or can be seen in the ’Guarantee’ section of our website.
Should a defect, an accident or any other event causing damages requiring immediate action occur, our 0-24 emergency assistance service is available via the Guarantee-24 customer service number, 06 40 200 727. We undertake to do the reparairs necessary to avert emergency situations within six hours from calling. The following events are considered emergency events: pipe breakages, plugged pipes, short circuit, broken entrance door lock. The repair works only serve to avert emergency situations.

Insurance covering the condominium provides protection for privately held real estate property, i.e. covers costs of reconstruction works following fire or water damage, it however does not cover damages in furniture or other types of moveable property. Metrodom Guarantee+ makes up for this shortcoming and provides protection against damages in moveable property up until the value limit of HUF 40,000 per square meter.
This does not only apply to accidents but also to burglary, sneak-in theft (the latter up to the value limit of HUF 100,000/year). For a complete list of insurance events please refer to the insurance cover note available on our website Some examples of events insured by our Guarantee+ service: fire, explosion, hailstorm, water damage, glass damage, lightning strike, sneak-in theft, damages out of vandalism, tree falling on the building, accidents to pets, pets’ diseases, etc.The Metrodom Guarantee+ services are provided together with the provisions of insurance policy ’Komfort’ of Groupama Biztosító Zrt. Metrodom reserves the right to contract for a different insurance scheme or conclude a contract with similar contents with another insurance company in the event that the name, the services or the price of the insurance product change. If you would like to avail yourself of the services, please refer to the insurance cover note number available on our website or in the ’important phone numbers’ document received at handover. Our customer service department will appreciate your feedback on the service at or through the phone numbers indicated on our website.