Government Aid

Because all of Metrodom’s flats are new-build properties and conform to the other statutory requirements for the subsidy, you may be eligible to apply for the Family Housing Allowance (CSOK) when purchasing any of our flats with an area of more than 40 m2. The terms stated on the website are valid only in respect of flats constructed by Metrodom; different rules apply to used properties, detached houses or self-build homes.

Personal conditions of eligibility for the family housing allowance:
- Hungarian citizenship, or
- a person who is subject to the act on the entry and residence of persons with the right of free movement and residence, and who has exercised such right for more than 3 months in the territory of Hungary, or
- has immigrant, permanent resident, stateless or subsidiary protection status.

The allowance is available to married couples and young married couples (the decree defines a young married couple as a married couple in which at least one partner has not yet reached the age of 40) and domestic partners together, while single persons can also apply on their own depending on the number of children living with them in the same household. 

For the purposes of the decree, a child is defined as the applicant’s biological or adopted child who has not yet reached the age of 20, or who has reached the age of 20 but is still a full-time student at an institute of higher education and has not yet reached the age of 25, or has reached the age of 25 but has a work disability if their condition has already lasted for at least one year or is not expected to cease within one year.

Young married couples who do not yet have children may claim the family housing allowance in advance if they agree to have a maximum of 3 children. A young married couple with one child may commit to a maximum of two, and a young married couple with two children may commit a maximum of one child for the purposes of the allowance.

Based on the above, the deadlines for fulfilling the undertaking with respect to having children are as follows:
1. In the event of a commitment to have one child: 4 years
2. In the event of a commitment to have two children: 8 years
3. In the event of a commitment to have three children: 10 years.

The amount of the CSOK allowance:
1. In the case of one child: HUF 600,000
2. In the case of two children: HUF 2,600,000 + HUF 10,000,000 interest-subsidised loan
3. In the case of three or more children: HUF 10,000,000 + HUF 15,000,000 interest-subsidised loan

A recent development is that, on the basis of Government Decree 16/2016 (II.10.), which is effective from 11 February 2016, the amount of the available allowance is now determined on the basis of both joint and non-joint children. If one member of a married couple is entitled to a greater allowance than the other, then this is the amount that they can receive as an allowance. The interest-subsidised loan is optional, and naturally the HUF 10,000,000 is only the maximum available amount, so for more details we recommend that you enquire at our partner, FHB Bank, whose staff will be happy to assist with everything from the application to disbursement of the loan.

The CSOK allowance is not dependent on the price of our flats or the number of rooms, but only on their size. The allowance not available for flats with an area (the net floor area excluding the balcony) of less than 40 m2.

Please bear in mind that, to be eligible for the CSOK allowance, the useful area of the flat must be:
1. In the case of one child at least 40 m2
2. In the case of two children at least 50 m2
3. In the case of three or more children at least 60 m2

We would like to call the attention of our clients to the fact that the so-called „useful floor area” is only registered following the completion of the apartment and does not correspond to the architectural data found on the layout plans, the property deed or the founding document. You can find further information on the side news entitled useful floor area or please contact our consultants. Our company does not accept responsibility for the problems arising from the difference which may even make it impossible to apply for CSOK. 

It is important to note that, under the new decree, the allowance is also available if at least one member of the married couple, domestic partnership or young married couple is studying at an institute of higher education. When applying for the CSOK allowance, families with one and two children may retain any residential property that they already own, as the decree does not require them to sell this. Another general requirement is a clean criminal record, or at least exemption, at the time of application, from the negative legal consequences of a criminal record. The applicant must not have any debts recorded by the state tax authority, and at least one of the applicants must have had social insurance entitlement for at least 180 days previously (this may also be proven with a certificate issued by a foreign authority, if the applicant was subject to a state social insurance system that is party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area), with a maximum interruption of 30 days. In the case of three children, the requirement to have at least two years of social insurance entitlement remains for at least one partner in the case of married couples (but here an interruption of 30 days, rather than 15 is permitted), and in the past 180 days the applicant must not have been a registered job-seeker or on a community work placement. Only the applicants may obtain title to the new flat, and under the new decree a bank inspection will also be compulsory in the event of a new-build flat purchase.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our partner FHB Bank, whose staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have in relation to the CSOK allowance.